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Middle Path Medicine is here to welcome you home to your body. Whole-person treatments and bespoke handmade remedies that take you to the root cause.

WORK 1:1

Chronic health conditions and general well-being for babies, children and adults.


Medicine that changes with the seasons, just like your body. Handmade, Wildcrafted, Organic. 


Meet Sarah

As a practitioner, I am especially interested in the fluid and changing nature of health; health as the ability of the body to adapt and change to the demands of its environment - involving both the external and internal environments of the individual. 


Wild Foraged, Organic and handmade remedies. As our bodies change with the seasons, so do our remedies. Harnessing the strength of wild-grown plants and the intelligence of the seasons, these remedies bring the outside in, and allow our bodies to harmonise gently with our external environment for greater balance and alignment.


Wild Plant
Sarah is a kind and and generous practitioner that goes above and beyond for clients. She has treated each member of my family for different things and we have felt well supported through the healing process. Highly recommend her.

- Ash

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