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Cupping is a technique which promotes blood flow and assists the healing mechanisms of the body. This technique uses local and gentle suction created on the skin to release blockages and stagnation. This technique is commonly used to release muscle tension and stiffness, though can also aid respiratory conditions, colds and flus, cardiovascular conditions, gynaecology and fertility amongst other things. 



Moxibustion is a traditional East-Asian heat therapy which utilises the properties of Mugwort (a dried herb) that are released as it is burnt. This herb is burnt just above the skin at carefully selected acupoints and invigorates the ki and blood flow in patients.  


Diet, Lifestyle & Sotai

Lifestyle recommendations and information about Oriental food therapy often form a part of treatment. These suggestions provide the patient with manageable ways to help their condition between sessions. 

Sotai is a Japanese system of postural alignment done during treatment with the practitioner. Gentle pressure and release exercises are facilitated to increase the flow of blood into areas of the body to promote healing and regeneration of affected areas.

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