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Preparing for Your Treatment


Please allow one hour and fifteen minutes for your first

visit. You will be asked to fill out a confidential health

assessment form giving the practitioner important

background information on your medical history. Based on your reason for the visit and history, the practitioner will then be able to determine your pattern of imbalance. You will then be interviewed by the practitioner to establish this by a few more questions, feeling the pulses, palpating diagnostic areas on the abdomen and back, and assessing reflex points. Your details remain strictly confidential.


Following these suggestions will help you get the most benefit on your day of treatment.


Avoid - a totally empty stomach, alcohol, non-drugs and if possible pain killers, or heavy stimulants (as coffee or soft drinks).

Do - wear loose comfortable clothing and personal hygiene.

Do Not - use heavy cosmetics, strong perfumes or aftershave, as this affects the ability to make 

diagnostic observations for your assessment.

Before Treatment - use the toilets to avoid discomfort

during abdominal palpitation and interrupting treatment,

and remove all jewelry and nylon clothing.

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